Swiss Leatherware Sleeve for Apple iPads & Tablets 10.1 - Red & Black

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Fast, functional, and soft. When the R&D team at Swiss Leatherware started to put their own personal tablets to use at the office, a need for a protective case that offered quick access to their tablets was immediately desired. Inspired by personal needs, this acclaimed design team is offering the Swiss Sleeve to the world. Starting with the inside and working out, they began with one of the softest fabrics available, thus reducing chance for scratching the tablet. The thick exterior material also needed to be soft and flexible, for comfortable carrying. However, the most ingenious element is the slip on case which also is part of the back pocket.

Deceptively simple, once you try this fantastic tablet case you will find out what great products can blossom from one of the finest design teams.

Special Features:
• Ingenious Wrap Case
• Durable Flex Fabric Covering
• Incredibly Soft Interior
• Stretch-Pocket
• Protection from Scrapes and Scratches
• Tight Jigsaw Stitching

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