About Us

Since its formation, Swiss Leatherware has become renowned for the ability to create accessory cases that are not only sturdy and efficient, but classy and elegant as well. The modern professional requires only the best when it comes to safeguarding their valuable devices, and Swiss Leatherware’s expansive selection of fashionable, handcrafted cases is designed to perfectly accommodate this demand.

Whether it is the Swiss Contrast or the Swiss Bank, Swiss Leatherware’s cases are the ultimate hybrid of durability and style. Some of the most artistic, talented designers in Europe devise creative new ideas for Swiss Leatherware products. Each case is also constructed using revolutionary, Ballistic Nylon fabric technology that ensures maximum protection and comfort.

When it comes to choosing the best case for your personal accessories, feel confident that every case bearing the Swiss Leatherware logo comes with a guarantee of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.